University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics, Subotica, Serbia

University MB, Faculty of Business and Law, Belgrade, Serbia

Ph.D. student at Faculty of Economics Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia


New views on elements that make an enterprise and its environment were brought by cybernetics. Every change that happens in any natural or organized system has a destructive character. The intensity of that force depends on resistance emitted toward change. With a new change, the dual action of technical progress manifests. Affirmative (progressive) and devaluating (regressive). Changes under the action of technical progress bring change in the functioning of organizational systems. Balance is at stake with elements that constitute one system as well as with enterprises and their surroundings. Cybernetics identifies the power and dynamics of change and stand to bring things and process into the primary state of equilibrium. Cybernetics must respect events of the environment in which organizational system exists and their influence on happenings in managing systems. Enterprise is not an isolated system but a legal bond of connections between certain parts of inner or outer parts. In this work, we will put an accent on elements that purposely or autonomously create changes. We will symbolically represent the surrounding in which the whole process of enterprise development is taking part, as well as a partial complex of that process which makes: the development of product, the development of market, the development of resources, the development of capacity, and the working processes. If the solution to newly created problems made by changes is wanted or known, the algorithm is always possible.


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