University of East Sarajevo, BiH, Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina


The modern world is a complicated paradigm of influence and struggle for interests, with the fact that the possibilities of winning positions have diversified and increased in a sophisticated way!? Military, economic and political scenarios and penetration projects are integrated with the aim of gaining dominance in the market, especially in the market of having modern technologies, strategic raw materials and resources. "Exporting ideology" has become the doctrinal and governing credo of the supremacy of the capitalist mode of production and the methodological framework for the operationalization of globalization as the "perfect model" of international economic relations!? Globalization, based on the philosophy of liberalism, cannot consistently function and solve problems because theoretically, the issue of competition, equal rights for all, as well as the issue of subsidies and risk insurance, and the problems of the "natural lottery" have not been satisfactorily resolved!? Contemporary philosophical, political and economic thinking is faced with intriguing conundrums in the domain of formulating answers to the following areas and generated questions: 1. Current position and perspectives of globalization; 2. National economies and international economic order; 3. Sovereignty - security – economy; 4. Classical dichotomy commodity-monetary sector; 5. Economic crises. In all of this, the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is "struggling frantically" to be "its own", "European" and "sovereign", is a special challenge in the current circumstances of institutional and management deformations and incompleteness, in which everyone is continuously against the positions for which a certain political segment advocates, and vice versa!? On the other hand, history teaches us that the vices and whims of the big have always been paid for by the small!!?!!!


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