Univerzitet u Istočnom Sarajevu, Ekonomski fakultet Brčko
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Univerzitet u Tuzli, Ekonomski fakultet, Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Capitalism, modern times we live in as it is now largely settled opinion, is not the final form of social organization, and as such requires a review, above all, in terms of performance, but also look into the future. Intellectual debate about the possibilities of modern capitalism renovation and its eventual substitution are particularly actualized in today's era of economic crisis. Reading contemporary literature on the subject suggests primarily to update the moralization of modern economic life, and in some cases re-actualize earlier ideas of socialism in which freedom, justice and solidarity have a dominant role. Ethics in the society should in any case substitute a society where profit is the basic measure of existence. The work that follows gives the shorter synthesis of economic theory, political and current conventional thinking on this topic. Research interrelationship of the capitalist system of ethics and the formation of a crisis requires of course, much broader elaboration of a critical mass of ethical values as assumptions for renovation or evolution of modern capitalism, but also the conditions and opportunities and basic directions for current global economic scene rearrangement. For something like that it is necessary of course much more research effort, but bearing in mind the purpose of this work the focus of research is the only synthetic framework of the current very complex issue

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